iedereen is a post-punk duo 🎎 (guitar, drums, vocals) and deals with the confrontation with their personal reality in an aggressive yet humorous way. Musically, the nonchalance of bands like The Chats is mixed with the intensity of IDLES and embellished with 80s vocals that remind some of Rio Reiser, Interzone or early Einstürzende Neubauten.

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Past Shows

16. Nov 2021 Essen Zeche Carl supporting Tom Allan & The Strangest
18. Nov 2021 Köln Artheater see above / Images / Video
22. Nov 2021 München Ampere see above / Images
24. Nov 2021 Wiesbaden Schlachthof / Kesselhaus see above / Images
25. Nov 2021 Hamburg Molotow see above / Images
26. Nov 2021 Berlin Privatclub see above / Images
27. Nov 2021 Langenberg KGB see above / Images
19. May 2022 Cologne Sonic Ballroom Video
04. Jun 2022 Beverungen Orange Blossom Special Video

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